Monday, 13 February 2012

Lost in London

On Friday, there was this valentine themed party in London and we decided we could all really benefit from some fun time together, since the last time we all went out together was more than a month ago. Sadly, Numa refused to join us in the merriment. She hates parties! Especially the big ones. Normally, the other three of us always manage to drag her along with us, but this time nothing worked and we just couldn't get her to change her mind. She ended up having a cozy night in with her very beloved laptop while the other three of us drove down to London with a few of our other friends. We had such a good time! It was definitely worth all the troubles trying to navigate the impossible roads of London and the freezing cold weather we had to battle before we finally got into the club!

We were having too much fun to take many pictures but here are a couple of decent ones..

From left:-  Geeta wears:  faux fur leopard print coat -Dorothy Perkins/ hot pink lace dress- Oasis/ Navy velvet heels- Kurt Geiger
Sumnima wears: felt boater hat- vintage/ spike necklace- Topshop/ (DIY spike) leather jacket- Topshop/ lilac bodysuit- Mary Quant/ denim shorts (borrowed from Manju)- Urban Outfitters Renewal/ faux suede platform wedges- Jane Norman
Manju wears:  faux fur leopard print coat- Topshop/ black velvet crop top- American Apparel/ dark green high waisted  stretch jeans- American Apparel/  black strap heels- New Look

rags and rainbows :)

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


So the four of us have been wanting to have our own blog since what seems like ages now. We discussed about it a lot but never really got round to it. But finally, here it is.. 'our' own blog- about random things that inspire us and others that we enjoy and love doing, a significant percentage of which involves fashion. Since we usually are so occupied with uni work, part-time jobs and so many other commitments, it seemed like a very clever idea to us that the four of us get one blog and share the "work". This way we would be able to post together (when we are together) or individually (when we are apart, since we all go to different unis) and keep the posts frequent enough to keep the blog alive and running. Hopefully this is going to be lots of fun for both us and the readers!  
rags and rainbows :)
Christmas 2011 :)
from left- Sumnima, Numa, Geeta and Manju