Wednesday, 28 March 2012

ollah guys!!!

Okay...Sumnima’s been nagging me about not posting anything for like ages …whenever we see eachother she keeps lecturing (= torture), she even called me invisible,mysterious and what not L
So only way out is  blogging = happy sumnima = no more lectures = happy me :D !!
Here we go~

Funky tiedye shirts

(its not tutorial)
First picture: first attempt it went well.... but honestly I didn't like it. It looked like I bought it straight from Thamel. So next day more experiment (poor shirt) ... it was completely ruined!! LOL. I was so frustrated that I used all other dyes I had and the result....WALLAH~
the one on the left was my second attempt and on the right is the one from before. Yeah.. yeah.. I know it looks like a rag but few cuts here and there and the end product...
turned into a crop-top... all this was bought for under £15. The dye I used was Dylon fabric dye, 250g sachet (Tulip red, intense violet, burlesque red and dark green) and also bleach to even out the colours. It cost me £2.99 each and the shirt cost me £2.50 (primark). On the first day I collected dye which was already mixed into a bottle instead of dumping down the sink (cheapness) LOL. To my surprise it did work next day.
 ...oh yeah, don't forget to wear gloves (first one turned me into Hulk).

try it urself, its really fun  : ) 
Love Numa (who escaped torture)

Art of Milgi

We have this tendency of late night caffeine injection business whenever we're together. And so this small close knit gang decided to visit Milgi for a cuppa. Really digging pixlr-o-matic on google chrome lately, here are some stills.


Sumnima wears felt boater hat- Vintage/ animal print jumper-Vintage / Long cross necklace-thrifted/ Semi bleached high waisted shorts - DIY / polka dot socks-Topshop / Spiked platforms - DIY / Backpack-thrifted

Numa wears Parka Jacket - Primark/ Sparkle top - H&M / Black skinnies- Topshop/ Oxford Creepers- Urban Outfitters 

Geeta wears Skater dress- Topshop / Grey Blazer-H&M / Loafers- New Look

I wear Denim shirt- Charity Shop/ Multi star necklace- Topshop / Leather high waisted shorts- Repsycho / Velvet belt- Charity shop / Suede platforms- Primark/ Suede backpack- Ebay  

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Birthday glee!

We were invited to a dear friend's birthday party on Friday night. There weren't many people but we had so so so much fun! Geeta isn't on any of the pictures below as she was the last to arrive at the party and these pictures were taken quite early on in the evening (evident from the clearly sober faces on everyone), but she was there nonetheless and we all ended up having such a memorable night! 
Manju (far left) and Numa (second right) with the beautiful birthday girl 
Sumnima wears:  felt boater hat- vintage/ earrings- Urban Outfitters/ shirt- thrifted/ denim jacket- thrifted/ camel cut-offs- thrifted, DIY/ faux suede faltforms- Jane Norman/ wood cross necklace- thrifted/ ring- Topshop
Manju wears: sheer blouse- H&M/ lace bralet- Urban Outfitters/ denim shorts- Urban Outfitters vintage/  rings- thrifted/ spike earrings- DIY/ polka dot socks- Topshop/ faux suede flatforms- Primark
Numa wears: floal dress- River Island/  silver and copper bracelet- vintage/ ring-vintage/ sheer tights- Topshop/  lace-up flatforms- Urban Outfitters

rags and rainbows :)


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Loot premiere

The much-hyped Nepali movie LOOT finally arrived in London and we couldn't wait to go see it. But Geeta and Numa concluded early on that they wouldn't be able to make it after all, so it was just the remaining two of us. We managed to convince two of our other mutual friends to go with us though, so it wasn't that bad. About the movie- we really, really enjoyed it. We couldn't stop laughing throughout the movie! The actors were great; we were especially impressed by Saugat Malla,  Dayahang Rai and the actress who plays Saugat Malla's wife. Overall, we had a great evening, however, there were two things that we were really unhappy with (none of them to do with the movie itself)- the seating arrangements and noisy people.

Here is what the two of us wore to the show.  
From left:- Sumnima: felt boater hat- vintage/ wood cross necklace- thrifted/ tiger print bodysuit- Dreams/ navy suede fringed skirt- vintage/ leather backpack- thrifted/ knee high socks- Primark/ faux suede flatforms- Jane Norman
Manju: spike earrings- DIY/ faux leather jacket- Ebay/ blue velvet maxi dress-  thrifted/ suede backpack- vintage/ leather ankle boots- Topshop

Sumnima and Manju
rags and rainbows :)