Thursday, 18 October 2012

The Show

Just before I moved back to Cardiff in September for Uni, I got to attend a small fashion show event in London, organised by a Nepalese event company. The event was called "The Show" and I was helping a friend of mine who was interviewing the designers and models backstage for her final year college project. It was such a great experience to meet so many new people. The young designers who were mostly students, were very talented- their designs were so impressive, I couldn't help but feel a slight twinge of envy for not being nearly half as talented. Oh well, at least I got a lot of inspiration that day.

Top and skirt from Asos, shoes and collar from Ebay and Comme Des Fuckdown beanie


Wednesday, 8 August 2012

We are game

None of us are very sporty at all but Geeta does play some volleyball and is quite good at it too (for the level she plays it at)! A few weeks ago, she participated at a local, one-day volleyball tournament so we all went along and supported her with all our might. It obviously worked because her team won the tournament!

Manju wears: high neck crop top- Asos, riding pants- American Apparel, wedges- Primark, earrings- Market, denim jacket- Vintage

Sumnima wears: mesh top- Vintage, crochet top- H&M, acetate skirt- All American Deadstock, Shoes- Ebay, Earrings- Topshop, necklaces- Vintage/ Market

Numa wears: embroidered cut-out blouse- Vintage, crimson jeans- H&M, wedges- H&M, watch- vintage (apologies for not being able to find a better picture of her outfit)

Geeta wears: her sports gear

Friday, 27 July 2012

OOTD: Summer of strawberries

There hasn't been much to do lately so I tagged along with some close relatives to visit this lovely farm near where we live - had a wonderful time picking tons of fresh strawberries and making lots of cute, furry friends. We have been blessed with so much sun recently here in the UK, I hardly ever stay in anymore. Need to make the most of this beautiful weather while it lasts. 

Top- New Look/ Bandeau- Primark/ Skirt- Vintage/ Necklace- Topshop/ Bag- Charity shop/ Shoes- Ebay

how cute is my little cousin Tayami :)

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

By the Riverside

Finally summer is here. It was Sumnima's birthday so we decided to feast by the riverside. Nothing beats aloo dum ( spicy potatoes), chowmein (fried noodles) and momo (nepali style dumplings).

Numa wears Casual t-shirt (Ebay), A line side split midi skirt (Urban Outfitters), Jelly sandals (Topshop) and Side bag (BHS).

Geeta wears Vintage check cardigan (Urban Outfitters), Maxi dress (Topshop), Peep-toe sandals (H&M) and Boxy bag (Primark).

Sumnima wears Halterneck bodysuit (Forever 21), Pleated  tennis wrap skirt (Vintage), Round sunglasses (Primark) and Silver strap sandals (Asos).

Manju wears Purple velvet crop top (American Apparel), Shorts (Levi's), blue plastic sandals (Absolute Vintage), Peace belt (Topshop) and Chiffon cover up (Ebay).


Monday, 9 July 2012

School's out!

Went for a stroll around London recently. We are very, very poor students, you see; a stroll around London for a day is the only "holiday" that we can afford. So we nearly died of excitement when we found out there was £1 jumble sale going on at Absolute Vintage. 

Manju wears: Velvet crop top- American Apparel
Side split skirt- Ebay
Acid wash jacket- Vintage
Boots- Vintage
Numa wears: Hat- Ebay
Jacket- Vintage
Top- Vintage
Denim cut-offs- Vintage
Lace-up flatforms- Urban Outfitters
Geeta wears:  Denim shorts- vintage
Top- New Look
Boots- Topshop
Faux fur jakcet- Dorothy Perkins
Sumnima wears: Spray tie dye top- Vintage
Cut-offs- Vinatge
Jacket- British army


Sunday, 1 July 2012

So fond of you

Lately we have been very lazy and haven't posted anything in a long while, even though our exams were over nearly a month ago, but now that I have moved back to Swindon for the whole of summer and all of us are in full holiday mood (not that we are going anywhere exotic or exciting), we have vowed to be more regular with our posts.

So, we know this AA top is old news already and some of you might be sick of it by now but Manju and me are so very fond of it, we had to do a little outfit post with it. Its a little late, the photos themselves aren't very recent and Manju could only find one decent picture of her but here they are..

Manju wears: Top- American Apparel
Jeans- American Apparel
Shoes- Charity shop
Sumnima wears: Top- American Apparel
Leather shorts- Vintage
Cardigan- Ebay
Sunglasses- Vintage


Wednesday, 28 March 2012

ollah guys!!!

Okay...Sumnima’s been nagging me about not posting anything for like ages …whenever we see eachother she keeps lecturing (= torture), she even called me invisible,mysterious and what not L
So only way out is  blogging = happy sumnima = no more lectures = happy me :D !!
Here we go~

Funky tiedye shirts

(its not tutorial)
First picture: first attempt it went well.... but honestly I didn't like it. It looked like I bought it straight from Thamel. So next day more experiment (poor shirt) ... it was completely ruined!! LOL. I was so frustrated that I used all other dyes I had and the result....WALLAH~
the one on the left was my second attempt and on the right is the one from before. Yeah.. yeah.. I know it looks like a rag but few cuts here and there and the end product...
turned into a crop-top... all this was bought for under £15. The dye I used was Dylon fabric dye, 250g sachet (Tulip red, intense violet, burlesque red and dark green) and also bleach to even out the colours. It cost me £2.99 each and the shirt cost me £2.50 (primark). On the first day I collected dye which was already mixed into a bottle instead of dumping down the sink (cheapness) LOL. To my surprise it did work next day.
 ...oh yeah, don't forget to wear gloves (first one turned me into Hulk).

try it urself, its really fun  : ) 
Love Numa (who escaped torture)

Art of Milgi

We have this tendency of late night caffeine injection business whenever we're together. And so this small close knit gang decided to visit Milgi for a cuppa. Really digging pixlr-o-matic on google chrome lately, here are some stills.


Sumnima wears felt boater hat- Vintage/ animal print jumper-Vintage / Long cross necklace-thrifted/ Semi bleached high waisted shorts - DIY / polka dot socks-Topshop / Spiked platforms - DIY / Backpack-thrifted

Numa wears Parka Jacket - Primark/ Sparkle top - H&M / Black skinnies- Topshop/ Oxford Creepers- Urban Outfitters 

Geeta wears Skater dress- Topshop / Grey Blazer-H&M / Loafers- New Look

I wear Denim shirt- Charity Shop/ Multi star necklace- Topshop / Leather high waisted shorts- Repsycho / Velvet belt- Charity shop / Suede platforms- Primark/ Suede backpack- Ebay